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Drawn to... Melbourne

Melbourne is the self-proclaimed capital of Australia for sport, music, fashion, literature, culture, the arts, architecture, coffee... These provide a focus in a city which is relatively flat and sprawling. Compared to other Australian cities, it can take more effort to discover Melbourne's natural beauty and appreciate the variability of the weather (four seasons in one day). The city has many unique urban spaces with distinctive architecture and a calendar of festivals, exhibitions, and tournaments to provide enough interest throughout the year...  

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Drawn to... Seattle

There is a little local  joke in Seattle: We tell everyone it rains so much so they don't move here and we can keep this beautiful place to ourselves. Although it doesn't take long to realize it does rain more than locals notice, Seattle has such epic scenery which makes up for even the greyest of days. The surroundings are so interesting that it can take a little more effort to discover the city itself... 

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